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DUI Defense Attorney Cherie L. Brenner

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Facing a DUI charge is always serious, even if you don't have a prior criminal record. A first time DUI can lead to having your driver's license suspended, probation, mandatory DUI classes, AA meetings and jail time.

    Common penalties for a first time DUI can include:
.  Three to five years of informal probation (formal probation in federal court).
.  Three months mandatory, court ordered DUI education which can vary in length,
   3 months after a first time DUI conviction.
.  Fines and penalties ranging from $390 to $2,000. 
.  Six month driver's license suspension with a possible restricted license after 30 days.


After you are arrested, the officer may take your driver's license and your license can be automatically suspended. However, under due progress of law, you are entitled to an administrative driver's license hearing which must be immediately scheduled. These hearings is for  the DMV administrator to decide whether your driver's license privileges will be suspended. This hearing gives you an opportunity to re-obtain your driving license after the arrest. If you do not have the hearing scheduled, the DMV will automatically suspend your driving privileges.  

Attorney Cherie Brenner has extensive experience in representing client's at the Administrative hearing as well as in all DUI court proceeding without the client having to make any appearance. 

Facing any criminal allegations can be frightening, especially when it could affect your 
job and future. subsequent dui arrests are subject to more severe penalties, although even a first time dui can lead to jail time. after an arrest, you need the immediate guidance of an experienced dui criminal defense attorney. call today for a no fee consultation at 805.316.5316 where our staff will set up an immediate appointment for you.