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The Law Offices of Attorney Cherie L. Brenner





Resolving Your Legal Issues Outside the Courtroom

Courtrooms can be intimidating. While having an experienced attorney can make all the difference, we at the Law Offices of Cherie Brenner understand the desire to resolve issues outside of the courtroom. Legally binding mediation is a cost effective and more personal way to come to agreements and terms without the need to step into a courtroom. When Ms. Brenner worked on a Master's degree in psychology,  she specify  focused on the family. This knowledge enhance her ability to assist in mediating couples through the separation ans divorce process.


Ensuring Your Best Possible Representation

Achieving a good settlement through mediation requires the lawyer to take a different approach than in the courtroom. The use of litigation skills in mediation is not productive. Deal-making skills will serve the advocate far better. Every successful negotiation requires that the attorney has a sound strategy. Ms. Brenner studied negotiations exclusively at Harvard Law School learning the strategies for a successful and fruitful outcome. 


Protecting Your Rights and Best Interests

We always want to explore other avenues before pursuing litigation. Litigation can be costly, adversarial and time-consuming. It can have a long-lasting negative impact on your family, in particular on children. However, for some family law matters litigation is not only required, it may be essential to preserving your legal rights and entitlements and to securing safety for you and/or your children. Ms. Brenner's extensive background in litigation at a Senior Trial Litigator has been known to deter the opposition from litigation.